River Hills Yacht Club

Welcome to the river hills yacht club 

The River Hills Yacht Club

The River Hills Yacht Club, LLC  is a social club in the Lake Wylie and River Hills area. Membership is open to all that would share in fellowship, fun and afford a small annual fee. No boat necessary! 

So who are we:

We are a group of Lake Wylie residents aged 20-70 who have never met a stranger. We have a passion for good food, great friends and outstanding entertainment. The club was formed by a few River Hills residents and has boomed to welcome all residents of the Lake Wylie region.


What do we do:  

Very simply, we throw some of the best parties on the lake. Themed parties have included on the lake scavenger hunts and poker runs as well as a casino night, and a battle of local bands.   Most of the events have a catered meal, some sort of excuse to go boating, and an open bar all for a cover usually less than $25/person.

No boat? No problem. We will set you up with some new shipmates eager for crew additions in their quest for good times on the lake. 

Come Aboard:  

We would love to have you as a part of our social club.  To join, click and JOIN THE RH YACHT CLUB .  If you have any questions, please email us and we will have our Port Captain contact you.  Click here to email us

 Annual River Hills Yacht Club Casino Night Sponsored by

Lake Wylie Marine and 
Hall Marine Group